SELECT s.startnode FROM treenodes as t, site as s WHERE'2' AND s.startnode=t.dbtree_id
SELECT * FROM cms_config WHERE param_name='ability_test_mode'
SELECT,,nodes.treenode, site.lang_def, as sitename,site.indexnode FROM site as site, nodes as nodes WHERE site.startnode=nodes.treenode AND'2' LIMIT 0,1
SELECT dbtree_left as `left`, dbtree_right as `right` FROM treenodes WHERE dbtree_id=''
SELECT,nodes.treenode FROM nodes as nodes, treenodes as treenodes WHERE nodes.treenode=treenodes.dbtree_id AND'nitti_inuse' AND treenodes.dbtree_left> AND treenodes.dbtree_right< ORDER BY nodes.prio ASC LIMIT 0,1
SELECT id FROM lang_codes WHERE code='en'
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