WDR, short for Westdeutscher Rundfunk, is a German public broadcasting company consisting of, among others, a TV channel and several radio stations.

In an attempt to bring the entire WDR brand under one roof, Serviceplan Gruppe in München designed a new visual identity and initially chose FF Kievit as WDR’s corporate typeface. However, upon realising that this one typeface wasn’t enough to give all of WDR’s diversified parts a cohesive voice, we were commissioned to design additional styles.

Working closely with Mike Abbink, the original designer of FF Kievit, we developed six new slab-serif styles (WDR Slab), and four serif styles (WDR Serif). Additionally, we customized FF Kievit to WDR’s requirements and delivered them in ten styles as WDR Sans. The now twenty members of the WDR type series offer great versatility and flexibility, while working seamlessly and coherently with each other.


WDR, Cologne

Art direction
Serviceplan Gruppe, München (Ulli Krieg, Isabelle Birebent)

In collaboration with
Mike Abbink